How To Make Your T-Shirts Last?

Oh the smell and freshness of a brand new T-shirt! You simply feel great and lively when you wear a T-shirt just out of your shopping bag. But one wash and it starts to look like one of your other T-shirts. Next thing you are already thinking about buying another new T-shirt and before you know you have a big pile of Tees that you don’t know what to do with. But you can put an end to this cycle now only if you learnt a few tips to keep your tees looking new. Read on to find out how.

Washing instructions

You can find the washing care and instructions sewn under the neck inside the t-shirt.  They are also sewn to the side seam in some t-shirts. In addition to information like where the t-shirt was made and what material it is made of, the wash instructions are also printed. You will know whether you can use a hot wash or if you can tumble dry your t-shirts.


Sometimes we tend to skimp on the detergent because we use it on a regular basis. But using a good detergent can save you a lot of money in the long run. Look for one that is mild and does not cause colors to bleed or fade easily.


A hot water wash is not recommend for t-shirts. In fact, it is best to avoid hot water wash if you want your clothes to last. Warm water or just a cool wash is more than enough to get the dirt out. You can even use the delicate cycle if your washer has that option for best results. But if you have some tough stains then you can pre-soak your t-shirts or pre-treat them with some detergent on the stain spot to loosen the dirt.

Separate colors

The first thing you should do whether you are washing your t-shirts or any of your other clothes is to color sort them. Even if it not the very first wash, separate the t-shirts based on color. You don’t want your t-shirts to be even slightly tinged with other colors. Definitely wash the whites and the darks separately as you don’t want the colors to bleed and stain other clothes on

Avoid tumble drying

Just like the hot wash tumble drying is hot and will cause shrinking of your t-shirt, especially cotton ones. It can also make some particular prints to crack. Also tumble drying can cause your t-shirts to wear out faster due to the friction. If you absolutely must use the dryer, use it without the heat setting. The best way to dry your t-shirts is to hang dry them or lay them flat to dry. If the t-shirt material is heavy hang-drying can change the shape of your t-shirt, in which case you should lay it flat to dry.


Avoid too much sunlight

Too much exposure to sunlight also can fade the colors on your t-shirt and make them look dull and old faster. If you don’t want this to happen don’t wear you same favorite t-shirt to all outdoor events like sports, to the beach, picnics etc. Rotating them with a few other t-shirts will improve the life of your t-shirts and keep them looking new for a much longer time.


Whenever possible iron your t-shirts inside out, especially when they have graphics printed on them. Though this might sound like an extra step, it will go a long way in keeping your t-shirts looking new. It will also save you a lot of money in the bargain. Some prints should not be directly ironed on due to the material used in printing that can be heat sensitive.

So in order to avoid damage to your prints, you can place a piece of cloth or even parchment paper on the print while ironing. Nevertheless, ironing inside out is the best option for finicky prints.

The other important thing you should keep in mind while ironing is the right temperature setting. Cotton t-shirts can be ironed with a medium to hot setting while synthetic materials like polyester should definitely be ironed with the lowest setting possible. If you are not sure, it is better to use a thin piece of cloth over the t-shirt to avoid accidental burning of the material.

Dry clean

Most t-shirts do not require to be dry cleaned. In fact, it is not recommended to dry clean them. But if they have a lot of decorations that make it difficult to wash them in a dryer or hand wash them, then it is better to dry clean them.